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eFAQ: LinkedIn

January 2008

LinkedIn: Growing Your Professional Network

With more than 17 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries, LinkedIn is to professionals what Myspace is to kids. Known as "the MySpace for grown-ups, LinkedIn helps people expand their business network and build their careers and businesses.  Noted for its professionalism, it is attractive to many because of the large number of high-level executives that have become members.

When you join, you create a profile summarizing your professional accomplishments.  This profile helps you find and be found by other members in search of associates and contacts.  With LinkedIn you can find potential clients, service providers or subject experts, and you can post and distribute job listings.

LinkedIn just released a feature called "Viewers of this profile also viewed…", which shows other profiles related to the ones you are looking at. They also offer features such as: "People you might know" and "Who’s viewed my profile."

The LinkedIn blog offers a variety of helpful tips on how to make your LinkedIn membership a productive one. It also offers valuable news and resources designed to keep professionals informed on what is going on.

Recently, LinkedIn started allowing outside developers create new services for users. Members who visit Business Week's Web site, for instance, will be able to easily look up the LinkedIn profiles of people featured in the magazine's articles.

Sign up for a free profile and create a link back to your website from your listing. The site is a highly trafficked portal site providing you opportunity for raising awareness about your company’s online presence. a LinkedIn listing is one more way you can attract targeted, business leaders to visit your website, increasing your monthly unique visits.


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