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eFAQ - October 2007  


Our friends and associates all know brandUNITY is forever on the go, scoping out new marketing trends, continually researching emerging techniques to promote our Clients' interests. So our Clients like to call us, at least monthly, asking:

"So....What's new at brandUNITY? "

ANSWER - The Expert's Publicist Program:
You know brandUNITY as a company that provides marketing strategies and award-winning creative services for print and web. You know that we are founded on the premise that powerful brands are built across media.

So now, we're adding another tier of consistent media support. It's called:

The Expert's Publicist Program.

Studies show that if your brand message is consistently delivered across print, web, and other modes of communication, your marketing results will exponentially increase.

Everyone likes to see their name in the news, especially when referred to as an expert and quoted. Equally important, the media needs to quote experts. In fact, every day journalists search the globe for experts on specific topics to add content and credibility to their articles.

But, journalists are busy, harried folk, working impossible deadlines to get us the news. Cold pitching your publicity interests to an over-booked writer on a tight deadline is like throwing gold nuggets into the Grand Canyon, aching for dreams to come true.

If, instead, you tap into what reporters need, when they need it, you'll hit platinum with a whole lot less angst.

Here's what brandUNITY’s Expert's Publicist Program does for you:

• helps the media find you and quote you
• builds awareness about your expertise
• increases perceived value of your business
• decreases price sensitivity about your offerings


• Companies launching new product lines
• CEO, high-level Executives
• Professional Services
• Medical Professionals
• Attorneys
• Consultants
• Public Speakers
• Book Authors
• Corporate Trainer


To begin, brandUNITY works with you to create an expertise profile that we update and keep primed for rapid distribution. We transmit your photo, bio, and approved contact information when reporters query our membership databases for expertise relevant to your knowledgebase. We introduce the reporter to you, pointing to your expertise, opening discussion between you and the reporter.

Every day, brandUNITY monitors our realtime publicity databases and blogs of over 20,000 professional communicators who are looking for experts to quote or interview. We locate the media conversations that are important to you, our Client, and make the introductions, connecting you with relevant requests that you could be answering.

If your focus is acquiring speaking engagements, we are also able to match media calls to your interests.

brandUNITY's Expert's Publicist Program starts at $500 per month, six month minimum commitment. Call for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. Be among the first five Clients to sign-up and receive one month free.


Welcome to our new Clients:

Mora Ice Cream Company
Kathleen Macferran – Strength of Connection
Saffronia Baldwin Interior Design

New and Ongoing Projects – Progress Notes:
eCommerce for The Gallery at BAC:
Site Redesign for
Managing Conflict, Blog & Search Optimization
JNyden & Company Blog & Search Optimization
Mastery of Practice Book Covers, eCommerce, PPC

DMA07 - Chicago :
Ann Warman, president and founder of brandUNITY, traveled to the National Direct Marketing Conference, DMA07, in Chicago, for a full week of marketing optimization intensives during the week of October 12 - 19.

She arrived back to Seattle, bursting with ideas, ready to dig in. Recommended reading: "Call to Action: Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results" by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg. It's a New York Times best seller about persona-based persuasion applied to website content to sell optimally to personality types. Meyers-Briggs move over, this is thought-provoking!

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