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eFAQ- February 2008  

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Franchise Marketing: Keys to Building Brand Value

Whether your company delivers professional services or wholesale goods, there is something to be learned from the disciplined approach that successful franchise businesses take to branding.

Buying a franchise is like becoming the owner of a ready-built home; all the architecture and construction were completed before you moved in. Likewise, when you invest in a franchise, you get a total business package with the brand rights to a proven marketing methodology. If you purchase a new home, built to spec, you usually don’t consider leveling it the moment you move in. Same is true with a franchise brand.

A business worth putting money into has been built with a strong, recognizable identity that is unique and memorable in the minds of its consumers. That’s part of the success formula that franchisees and investors buy into. When franchisees stray from tried and true, they decrease their ability to capitalize on the sweat equity that’s made the franchise top-of-mind with its consumers. This is an expensive stray.

When brand strategy has been effective, marketing is more efficient, saving you money and time on outreach activities. For financial purposes, brands are considered intellectual assets. Standardized valuation procedures have been devised by Damodaran, Financial World, Houlihan Valuation Advisors, Market Facts, Young & Rubicam, CDB Research & Consulting and other financial giants, to assess brand worth. In 2006, the Coca-Cola brand was assessed at $67 billion, in 2008, the Microsoft brand was valued at $65 billion, and in 2007, the Google brand evaluated to a cool $17.8 billion.

Here are keys to increasing the value and performance of your brands. We’ll also look at some examples of brands that performed optimally and others that went awry:

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Professional Services or Product-Based Businesses?
There's a Marketing Difference

Over the years, brandUNITY and its principals have worked extensively with rapidly growing professional services companies, including architectural, legal firms, dental care, medical, engineering and consulting businesses. We also frequently work with product-based businesses particularly to plan, extend, and manage brand families.

Whether your company is involved in marketing consumer products or professional services, there are some basic branding precepts that hold true across business categories. Staying consistent to your brand's core values, unifying your messaging across customer touchpoints, and using the language of the intended audience all apply regardless of business focus.

But, there are also some important differences in how marketing mission is accomplished in a professional services firm. In the following, we look at how marketing a professional services business varies from that of a consumer products business:

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Something to Think about:

"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas."

--George Bernard Shaw, 07/26/1856 - 11/02/1950

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