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eFAQ - March 2008

Today's Leading eFAQs HEADLINES . . .

brandUNITY's Newest Redesigns: Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS):
def'n: software that provides authoring tools allowing users with little or no knowledge of programming or markup languages to create and manage content with relative ease of use. (

brandUNITY recently created, built, and launched the newest redesign of Bainbridge Island Arts and Humanities Council's large website,

Because is a highly trafficked site of over 500 pages with nearly daily updates and critical event coverage, we decided to integrate a content management system into the new website.

Commonly referred to as ‘CMS,' content management systems provide an online graphical interface. This allows users with almost any level of computer knowledge to instantly publish, edit, and delete content on their website without the need for programming or coding know-how.

We reviewed and researched the major CMS's available. Each and every content management system has its pros and cons, which vary depending on the particular application. We concluded that Joomla! was well-suited to the site and BIAHC web usage requirements.

Joomla! is licensed as open-source software. This means that the source code, which makes the interface function the way that it does, is included with the distribution of the software. Because the software is open-source, programmers are freely granted the right to update and customize the source code to fit their user’s exact needs. Open source licensing is in contrast to proprietary software that never includes the actual code in the distribution and specifically forbids software customization without extended licensing and often large amounts of additional cost.

brandUNITY and its founder, Ann Warman, have webmastered for over ten years, redesigning the site numerous times since artshum's inception in 1997. As the internet has advanced and BIAHC services to the community have expanded, the Arts and Humanities Council has stayed on the leading edge of all things web.

On another CMS project, brandUNITY customized an open source CMS engine called Moodle. This CMS specifically caters to the needs of educational institutions, creating a link between students and faculty for online instructional materials and assignments, including blogs, chat rooms, and more. See

In a third project, brandUNITY designed and built a CMS from scratch for the Juried Artists Roster. In this case, the client needed an artist database retrieval system to facilitate the pairing of building contractors with juried artists for large public arts projects. The client required extensive photo uploads, self-maintained artist portfolio pages, database retrieval, logins, and registration pages. None of the open source software provided the level of customization that this project required, so we architected and built the entire CMS system in PHP, MySQL, and AJAX over a ten month period.

brandUNITY constantly strives to find and adapt innovative technology to benefit our clients and their end-users.  When we come across new technology with potential, we research it, test it, and implement it, noting strengths, weaknesses, and benefits. In this way brandUNITY is dedicated to keeping our clients on the cutting-edge of the best new solutions emerging from technology today.

Behavioral Targeting : The Science of Marketing

In today’s transitional economy, marketing budgets are often the first to be reduced. The use of behavioral marketing is allowing companies to stretch their much-needed marketing dollars while increasing their “Return on Investment” or ROI.  Using the internet for target marketing can provide marketers a wealth of information about each consumer.

The internet provides an efficient way for businesses to ensure that they are maximizing their exposure-especially a business with niche markets. Online marketing campaigns allow marketers to start with a small advertising investment then test their results, ad placement, messaging, and measure the campaign effectiveness click-by-click.

When used properly all this specific information allows marketers to use more targeted information rather than blanketing their audience.

Behavioral Targeting: Converting Visitors to Buyers >>

Something to Think about:

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.

Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008

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