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eFAQ: Search Engine Optimization

December 2007

Search Placement Strategies: Getting Top Billing

Would you go on a road trip without taking a map? Or, build a house without blueprints? No! Then why build a website without the right tools? Using the right tools when building your site is like giving your potential customers a magnet, straight to your website.   

Organic search engine optimization is one of the most important means available, to attract targeted visitors to your site. In order to achieve maximum exposure from the right people at the right time, brandUNITY recommends the following:

Say the words that customers want to hear. Keyword selection is what starts the optimization process. Compile a list of keyword suggestions for every page of your site, based on one strategic keyword. Carefully chose your keywords so that they are relevant to your site and not mistaken for spam.

Holly Buchanan with wrote: Look at word choice in products. "Oil of Olay" dropped the "oil" due to today's negative connotations of having oil in a beauty product. They now go by "Olay." And, as Advertising Age points out, after losing share for eight years, Crest revitalized sales with their "Pro-Health" line of products.

Pro-Health has reached $100 million in sales, adding about two share points for Crest, according to Information Resources Inc.

Words are powerful. That's why it's so important to understand what your words are really saying.

Are your customers hearing what you're saying?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, and site popularity are fueled by getting back links to your site. "Back links" are links to your site that are placed in other directories and websites throughout the internet. Link building popularity is achieved by web directory submission, blog posting, article posting and linking to other sites that have content relevant to yours.

Next use the six-step process for your email marketing. The process consists of: planning, determining offer, list selection, creative content, test and rollout.

Lastly, find your niche, put together a business plan, develop your approach and promote your business. Use your existing clients to develop your business and getting references.

The primary goal of SEO is to increase quantity to your site. It is not only important to have customers purchase something from you but to continue coming back and purchasing.


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