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Making Marks: Visual Branding

Making Marks Series: Fort Blakley
Ruins at Old Mill at Blakely Harbor, Bainbridge Island, WA

Hidden away in Port Blakely on Park Land is a magical but dusky, deteriorating building, butted right up against the water that often floods it on both sides. Once surrounded by a thriving lumber mill town, this dank 3 story cement ruins is hollowed out into one huge chamber, with open spaces at either end of it, as if majestic picture windows once hung there.

A soothing breeze continuously blows from one end of the structure to the other, weathering the walls that are saturated with layers upon layers of spray paint graffiti. Every inch of the walls and ceiling are covered many times over with the can art of kids out for panks, some gifted artists.

The Old Mill at Blakely Island, ca. 1900 >>

A study in light and object and space, the unrestrained creativity embellishing the walls is breath-taking. It is rumored that each year, around graduation time, students sneak into this hidden cave-like dungeon to re-work the rights of passage with new visual messages and symbols documenting the era that in a short moment is already passing. The kids move on, they do not stay here on this Island, though they may return to visit their parents who do stay.

Marks are the symbols of identity, they are as much about viable communication as are words. Color, shape, and object relationships form the message content of a brand icon. Consistent use cements it into memory.

Brand Messages Using Animation >>

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