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Brandng with Animation & Sound

Ruins at Old Mill at Blakely Harbor, Bainbridge Island, WA

The above movie was constructed using Flash, piecing together a series of still photographs taken with an relatively simple-to-use digital video camera. The sequence of images was composted into a gritty slide show with music added to suggest the imagined mood of youthful adventurers documenting their life with a can of spray paint. In a moment all will disappear, when the next set of painters over-write the canvas. It is a public place, after-all.

Notice the difference sound makes to the presentation of these same images that are also scattered across this website on various pages without sound.

Movement and auditory elements add sensual depth and impact to your brand message. On the following link, a video technique is used to create an entirely different mood, with sound and movement. If you leave the sound on this page running, three videos and this animation with blend together, forming a composite of sounds.

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