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eFAQ: Behavioral Targeting
Converting Visitors to Buyers

eFAQS - March 2008

In today's transitional economy, marketing budgets are often the first to be reduced. The use of behavioral marketing allows companies to stretch their much-needed marketing dollars while increasing their "Return on Investment" or ROI. Using the internet for target marketing can provide marketers a wealth of information about each consumer.

The internet provides an efficient way for businesses to ensure that they are maximizing their exposure – especially businesses with niche markets. Online marketing campaigns allow marketers to start with an efficient advertising investment then test their results, ad placement, messaging, and measure the campaign effectiveness click – by – click.

When used properly all this specific information allows marketers to use more targeted information rather than blanketing their audience.

Behavioral marketing increases campaign effectiveness by meeting the consumer expectations for relevant content.

Behavioral targeting results from tracking an online visitor's browser click streams, customer history, and marketing research. Defining your target audience's behavior helps predict what the user may want in the future - allowing you to create a tailor-made marketing campaign with target ads, content, and products based on this information. Behavioral marketing ensures that marketers deliver the right message, in the right context, to the right person thereby making an offer the customer cannot refuse.

The goal is to convert visitors to buyers. By collecting information about what your target audience's specific needs are, then marketing specific products to meet those needs, you almost ensure that conversion. In other words, when you know exactly ”who wants what” you can specifically market those products or services. This will help the company's exposure and distribute your budget far more effectively. The information you obtain from testing online can be used when purchasing offline advertisement too.

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