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Page Speed vs Relevance in Search
Sunday April 10th 2011, 4:21 pm
Category: Emerging Media

Written by:

Google Webmaster Central says Google is obsessed with website page loading speeds. Increase how fast your site displays and you get a big, sloppy, golden kiss from Google. But, page speed vs relevance in search, what’s more valuable from a searchers point of view?

Suggested ways for increasing site loading time include serving resources from a consistent URL and minimizing references to images housed on other servers. By deduction, this would include YouTube embeds. Especially YouTube embeds. Who hasn’t sat impatiently waiting for to do whatever it’s supposed to be doing (YouTube thumbnail image domain), wondering where in grandma’s name the internet went. Lunch, coffee, anxiety attack?

Facebook Connect and Social Plugins are another source of huge time hogs, along with many flash movies and flash players. Ironically, Google recently announced it is coming out with the Facebook ‘Like’ equivalent, called the ‘+! button.’ Use it and you will be penalized based on its slowness?

Research with non-purchasing intent and you’re sure to retrieve disappointing SERPs. Who wouldn’t tolerate a little waiting for quality returns containing key bits of critical information? Dreadful is being shuffled off to an unrelevant fast-loader with little to contribute but a whole lot of something else to sell. Dam Google, just gimme what I need.

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