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Responsive Web Design
Wednesday December 14th 2011, 4:59 pm
Category: Emerging Media

Written by:

These days, WordPress, an open source, database-driven content-management engine built with PHP and MySQL, is capable of managing entire corporate websites. Many Search experts (SEs) particularly love WordPress because it allows them to selectively mix and customize search optimization plugins specific to their client solutions.

The SE can then set content authors loose on the site, knowing the search tools are automatically churning behind-the-scenes, supporting their search strategies.

The newest version of WordPress, dubbed “Sonny” in honor of  jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt, was just released this week. In addition to slick navigational tools, it now has drag-and-drop image insertion and improved widget handling. Plus, it also now contains the entire  jQuery library, opening the way, I’m hoping, for some super-fabulous “Responsive Media” attributes built directly into future versions of WordPress. Hint, hint, hint.

Responsive Media, what’s that all about, you may well ask. That’s where the website is constructed so that it scales automatically to any-size screen you happen to be using, from mobile to tablet, to wall-sized movie screen. Not only does the website scale itself, it does so beautifully and that means your site’s content is readable, breathtakingly gorgeous and, yes, oooohh-lahhh-lahhh awesome, EVERYWHERE!

Under current technology, this means web designers and developers build sites manually using @media queries in their CSS3 — definitely a fun-thing for some, but comes with a learning curve. Another alternative is using Responsive Themes and Responsive Plugins developed specifically for WordPress. More and more of these tools are being offered across the web, providing an attractive solution with many options for design customization and unique branding within WordPress.

Ethan Marcotte, Technical editor at A List apart is said to have coined the term, Responsive Web Design in his May 2010 article.

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