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Tablets of the Future
Tuesday December 13th 2011, 5:48 pm
Category: Marketing Trends

Written by:

Forrester Research projects tablets of the future will evolve from five “form factors:” wearables, embedded devices, surfaces, flexible displays, and mini-projectors.

Electronic surfaces as thin as paper are already being produced by E Ink Holdings, a spin-off from MIT Media Labs. They’ve developed a thin-as-paper surface that functions like a monitor, is nearly as light as paper and is touch sensitive. Plus, you can roll it up like a scroll, for easier carrying.

Send your company newsletter to the “Electronic Surface Making Shop” rather than the printing press and save 95 million trees plus 98 million tons of greenhouse gas each year, says the E Ink website.

These new surfaces are now being manufactured into eBooks, eNewspapers, eTextbooks, watches, smartcards, electronic shelf labels, battery/memory indicators and signage. The next wave of  tablet is upon us and it brings a revolution. Check E Ink out on their website, follow them on Facebook.

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