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Saturday September 12th 2009, 5:55 pm
Category: Marketing Trends

Written by:

eHeeeemmmm. Hello! I’ve been neglecting “THE BLOG” because of being in love.

That’s right, in love. Actually in love times two: Twitter and Facebook. Long hours with abandon, way into the night, posting furiously, conversing @-style, finding other SoMe nuts, just like ourselves.

The worst is, many of us nuts are starting to talk hiku, habitually. Twitter’s the hiku of all hikus. 140 words or less, you have to get to the point fast.

Which brings up a new term, “SoMe.” Some of the indoctrinated amongst us have been using this term but many of the aficionados have not. It’s a great text word, far fabber than SOCIAL MEDIA. Less thumb work. Metaphoric, yes?

In conclusion, I intend to come back here more frequently. Oh, but before we conclude, did I mention how I hate RSS feeds that pump blog text into Twitter? Yes, you can do it. Problem is, your Twitter and Facebook buddies want you, not some auto-blogger feed that cares not what friends are saying.

Automatic does look darn good on washing machines and automobiles. For SoMe, think William Morris, Arts and Crafts Movement, DEATH to the MACHINE.

Here’s where you’ll find us: (blog) (blog)

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