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Why Branding?

Studies show that strong visual and verbal branding decreases price sensitivity, increases bargaining leverage, and raises customer loyalty.

What is strong branding?

The answer in three words: 1. Unique 2. Pertinent 3. Unified.

Unique. Every market sector uses a distinct visual dialect and voice. To stand-out and be remembered, learn the rules of your target's language then speak that language unexpectedly but intelligently by strategically breaking its rules.

Pertinent. Know what your target market needs and address those needs with what you offer.

Unified. A stop sign is a stop sign is a stop sign. If it were purple and round on one street corner, triangular and chartreuse on another, its message would be diffuse and confusing. Likewise with all forms of visual and verbal branding - keep the look and message unified across all media.

Branding is powerful when it is uniquely memorable, relevant to the needs of the target, and maintains a unified presence on every corner.

brandUNITY creates branding, verbal messaging, print collateral and websites that work together - packing power into coherent marketing plans that are targeted, efficient and effective. We've helped businesses double online revenues, penetrate new markets, and establish a competitive edge on crowded playing fields.

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