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Graffiti on the Walls at the Old Mill

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Blakely Harbor, Bainbridge Island, Washington: the home of the largest lumber mill on the Pacific Coast during the 1800s. The town that once thrived here housed the Bainbridge Hotel, a post office, livery stable, company store, and a board walk for vacationing resort goers, granting leisurely access to nearby Pleasant Beach visitors.

In the late 1800s, Port Blakely offered boxing matches, dances, May Fests, and operas, attracting Seattleites to travel across the Sound by ferry for vacation and entertainment.

In 1888, the mill site burnt to the ground and through it was re-built, it burned once again in 1907, finally closing in 1922. Until 1933 it was site of the Bainbridge to Seattle ferry dock which eventually moved further north to Eagle Harbor.

Article about the Old Mill, in The Bainbridge Review, June 7, 2006,
by Chad Schuster: MORE>>

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